Fall 2017 Colour Trend

Lince Painting Fall blog pic.png

It is true that with each season come new trends – whether they are in fashion, home décor, or- you guessed it- painting. There is always a common theme in the paint colours that are dominant in each season. As the weather shifts from summer to fall, the trends start to shift as well. Here are some of the paint colours that will be dominating the fall season in 2017.

Traditional and Comfortable

Homes are meant to be a place of comfort and coziness – and that impression is given off by the colours of your walls. Traditional and comfortable colours are muted pastels such as light blues and greys, and pale pinks and yellows are great colours to showcase a warmer vibe. These colours are also great neutrals meaning that it can be easy to match furniture and other arrangements to them.

Dark and Mysterious

The dark and mysterious trend is a palette that combines earthy colours such as shades of grey and brown with jewel tones such as magenta and dark turquoise. This gives a more creative license to layer colours in a room for a mysterious yet cozy outlook.

Bold is Best

This fall, colours are taking a more adventurous turn with popping options such as dark reds, oranges and yellows. These colours are great to add an eye catching element to any room, whether it be an accent wall, or the paint on the back of a door, or more. Using bold colours can be risky but if done tastefully (and in moderation) it can create a modern layout of any room in your home.

Cosmic Colours

Another upcoming trend seems to be a mix between the pastel and darker more intense colours. It seems to have a galactic feel to it with dark colours of the night sky and the muted pastels of the morning, all combined with an intense range of hues. These darker colours can be used to create an accent wall or to make the room seem cozier. A great example of this colour trend is a dramatic swathe of purple, be it a lighter purple or a darker more intense purple.

Burnt Colours

Burnt colours are perfect for the coziness that comes with fall, but are also suitable all year round. These colours are a burnished orange, a dark chocolate brown, and an intense green. A tasteful combination of these colours can make any room in your home pop, and will add a hint of the autumnal season.

These are just a selection of the various colour trends that are going to pop up in the painting business for fall 2017. There is a mix of light and dark colours to create a tasteful, yet accented room that emphasizes the array of colours that come with the fall season.