How We Deal With Commercial Painting

Painting a commercial property is a great way to spruce it up and our skilled commercial painters can help get the job done. Although one should take the same steps as an average house painting when it comes to paint application, commercial paint jobs in Tpronto require more detailed planning and better management.

Linces commercial painting services is important to develop a project plan for a commercial paint job before the work begins. Painting can be disruptive to the daily operations of a business, and it is advisable to prepare people who work there for what will happen in advance. While having a plan is a good idea for house painting as well, it may not be necessary for the plan be as meticulous.

House painting projects typically have fewer logistical challenges and don’t impact as many people. Some other things to consider when doing commercial paint jobs are the relocation of any merchandise or furniture, paint fumes that may impact employees and customers, and upcoming events at a business that may be impacted by painting.

Whether you are painting a commercial space, or a home, you want to pick a good colour. For a commercial project, consider colours that represent the image you want to project for your company. Colours that match your personality are good choices for a house. Don’t rush the colour selection; you may not be pleased with the end result.

Linces Painting has completed numerous commercial projects all over Toronto and our painting professionals are experienced and familiar with challenges involving these types of projects. Our company only supplies the highly durable with minimum VOC paint specifically designed for rough commercial environments.

Commercial shop painting Clients we service across the GTA ON included but not limited to:

Commercial properties: Retail Stores, Office Buildings, Hotels, Banks, Malls

Institutions: Schools, Day cares, Churches, Government buildings

Health Care Facilities: Hospitals, Dentists, Medical Centre, Seniors Homes

Professional Residential Painter in GTA

Money and Time Saving

As stated earlier, the painting job will start from scratch. This includes the planning, budgeting and execution. With a Professional Residential Painter, this part of the project is a lot easier. There are plenty of Residential Painting Companies in Vancouver that offers Free Quotes.

This quote includes:

Painting Contractor’s Contact Details

Painting Contractor’s Business Details

Estimation for Your Painting Project (Preparation Details and the No. of Coats to be Applied)

Materials and Paints to be Use

Date the Project Starts and the Target Date the Painting Job should be Completed

Total Cost

This is to make the painting project easier on your part. You don’t have to do all the budgeting, and estimation, because we will do it for you.

Best Quality Paints and Painting Materials for Your Home

With our years of experience with residential painting, we have gotten acquainted with the standard materials that are commonly used in your homes. Your home is guaranteed to be prepared using the appropriate painting material, to give your home a paint that is long lasting. This is your investment after all, which is why we only recommend the paints, ideal for your home. And give you a smooth, clean and thoroughly covered, painted finish.

Experienced Crews with the Appropriate Equipment for Faster Delivery

Our Expert Painters have been on the field for years, and have a broad knowledge in painting residential houses. Together with the appropriate painting types of equipment, and excellent painting techniques, we ensure that your home will be finished upon the set target date. We want nothing but to give you the best results, which is why we close attention to details. Making sure, everything smoothly just as you want because our goal is to deliver you the results that you want

Painting Tips for Make Your Shop Attractive

If you own a shop and it is in need of a face lift, best things you can do is give it a fresh coat of paint. But painting a retail store is a big undertaking and choosing the right colors can be stressful. Painting can be a great way to bring new life to your business, but there are some things to keep in mind when selecting colors for your store. Let’s look at some general painting rules that can be applied to any retail setting.


Clean, bright colors are a great way to make your space look bigger and more professional. In addition to choosing bright, clean colors, it’s also a good idea to choose colors that work well together. Keeping all the walls the same color is usually a safe option, but if you feel like an accent wall or two would help in the space, just make sure they are in the same color family with the same undertones. If the ceiling in your space is drywall and can be painted, consider a fresh, white coat for the ceiling. The color of the ceiling can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of the space.


In addition to choosing clean colors, you’ll want to stick with fairly neutral colors. Grays, tans, shades of white, etc. are all good options. Because you will likely have a wide variety of colors and patterns in your shop, having a neutral wall color can draw your customers eye to the merchandise, rather than distract from it. If you really want some color in your shop, consider an accent wall, or choose a color that is soft and somewhat neutral, like a light blue.


Tthing to keep in mind when painting your store is your clientele. If you have a store that is targeted at twenty to thirty year old women, you’ll probably want to choose different paint than a store targeted at fifty year old men. If your shop is fairly targeted you can be bolder in your choices. Perhaps a somewhat neutral color on all walls but one, and on that wall a bold wallpaper. Or maybe you want to create a specific atmosphere because of they type of clothing you’ll be carrying. In this case you can tailor your paint selections to your merchandise and clientele.

Painting can be a huge undertaking, especially if you have a store that needs to have limited downtime. By working with a professional you can select paint colors with confidence and know that the work will be done quickly and exceptionally. For retail store painting in Allentown, PA call us at Winterton Painting today! We’d love to help you select the perfect paint for your store and give your store the makeover it needs!


One of the tricky parts of owning a business is getting the perfect look for your building. You want to appear professional and interesting in order to differentiate your business from your competition. Take the right steps to get great results from your commercial painting project to enhance the look of your building and your business. Here are five tips for getting better results.

Right Colors at Right Place
While you want your business to catch the eye of potential customers, be careful to select colors that will attract attention without being overpowering. Having one bold-accent wall can really make a statement, but remember: less is more when it comes to very bright colors. By selecting a calm color palette, you can avoid overwhelming your customers. Adding bold color through pictures, pillows, and other small elements are temporary and less expensive ways to add a pop of color.

Working area Should be clean
When commercial painting companies start a job, you won’t see them start applying color until the room is fully prepped. Before a contractor can begin prepping the room, they will need your employees to clear their work area. The best thing to do to expedite your painting project is to clear off work stations, remove art from the walls, and push light-weight furniture to the center of the room. By doing this yourself, you can save money on prep time (a cost of hiring the painting crew).

Use Primer
While some individuals may think that primer is an unnecessary step, many professionals say otherwise. Having that barrier in between the wall and your new layer of paint can prevent the color from turning dull once it dries and it can also help it to last longer. This problem often occurs because the compound used to fill holes and imperfections can pull the moisture right out of your freshly applied paint. If you are painting over a bright or deep color, primer is a good way to protect the integrity of the new color.

If you’re interested in changing the look of your business, painting is a great place to start. By using the tips provided, you can attract more customers by having a good quality paint job on your commercial building.

5 Tips For Your Next Commercial Painting Project

The appearance of your office space is critical for the overall success of your company.

Many companies often like to gravitate towards colours that promote comfort, security and overall good feelings. Often times business owners will typically go for colours like beige or off white, neutral colours that will not overpower the working environment and promote comfort and security. However, you can leverage the power of accent walls and actually help your employees be more productive and creative. This will in turn, generate other positive effects within your workplace and will drive sales, revenues and moreover, give you more value for your decorating dollars. 


Promote productivity within your work environment

If the space has a lot of individuals who utilize a lot of brainpower, most experts will suggest the colour blue to stimulate the mind and promote concentration. Soft blues will have calming effects that will stimulate natural tranquilizers in the brain; however, strong blues will help them tackle projects with a clear mind. Some will even recommend adding orange accents in order to help add more emotion into the area, as the colour orange will balance the blues and add warmth to the colder setting. 

Inspiration for your work place

Here are a few colour ideas for your commercial painting project that can elevate your workplace to be a more productive and effective environment:

Lavender— Lavender is a more subtle version of purple. This colour is known to promote determination, clarity, creativity, or imagination this colour is ideal for marketing, technology, media, or any workplace that depends on the generation of creativity or “right-brain” thinking. Your staff would benefit from increased focus and the ability to prioritize activities and complete big projects in a timely manner.

Red— Experts would agree that red produces a stimulating effect. It gets the ball rolling by instigating communication and collaboration. Startups or entrepreneurs who have clients come into their office on a regular basis should consider accenting a particular wall with a deep red hue to inspire conversation and change.

Choosing the right colours for your work place

Colour selection for your commercial renovation or painting project can be a challenge because there is no one size fits all solution. The reaction to color depends on the individual and the workplace itself. For example, one person may find a specific colour such as red stimulating and invigorating, whereas a co-worker may feel anxious and overwhelmed. One should always approach the project from the aspect of producing the best result in alignment with company goals, for example:

  • Designate different areas of the office based on brand and department
  • Building brand awareness with colour choices
  • Create a calmer space that will help the employees be more productive
  • Energize the environment
  • Provide a focal point in the office

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Fall 2017 Colour Trend

Lince Painting Fall blog pic.png

It is true that with each season come new trends – whether they are in fashion, home décor, or- you guessed it- painting. There is always a common theme in the paint colours that are dominant in each season. As the weather shifts from summer to fall, the trends start to shift as well. Here are some of the paint colours that will be dominating the fall season in 2017.

Traditional and Comfortable

Homes are meant to be a place of comfort and coziness – and that impression is given off by the colours of your walls. Traditional and comfortable colours are muted pastels such as light blues and greys, and pale pinks and yellows are great colours to showcase a warmer vibe. These colours are also great neutrals meaning that it can be easy to match furniture and other arrangements to them.

Dark and Mysterious

The dark and mysterious trend is a palette that combines earthy colours such as shades of grey and brown with jewel tones such as magenta and dark turquoise. This gives a more creative license to layer colours in a room for a mysterious yet cozy outlook.

Bold is Best

This fall, colours are taking a more adventurous turn with popping options such as dark reds, oranges and yellows. These colours are great to add an eye catching element to any room, whether it be an accent wall, or the paint on the back of a door, or more. Using bold colours can be risky but if done tastefully (and in moderation) it can create a modern layout of any room in your home.

Cosmic Colours

Another upcoming trend seems to be a mix between the pastel and darker more intense colours. It seems to have a galactic feel to it with dark colours of the night sky and the muted pastels of the morning, all combined with an intense range of hues. These darker colours can be used to create an accent wall or to make the room seem cozier. A great example of this colour trend is a dramatic swathe of purple, be it a lighter purple or a darker more intense purple.

Burnt Colours

Burnt colours are perfect for the coziness that comes with fall, but are also suitable all year round. These colours are a burnished orange, a dark chocolate brown, and an intense green. A tasteful combination of these colours can make any room in your home pop, and will add a hint of the autumnal season.

These are just a selection of the various colour trends that are going to pop up in the painting business for fall 2017. There is a mix of light and dark colours to create a tasteful, yet accented room that emphasizes the array of colours that come with the fall season.


Choosing a Colour for your Bedroom

bedroom color.jpeg

Your bedroom is an important space. Your bedroom is where you go for privacy, rest and relaxation, downtime, and reflection. A bedroom can be your own personal sanctuary, so it’s only natural that you’d want it to look great and give off a special vibe. The best way to do just this is by choosing the perfect paint colour for your bedroom, one that speaks to you and really brings the room to life. Here are some helpful tips to help you decide on the perfect paint colour for your bedroom.

Express yourself with Bold Colours

What better place than your bedroom to showcase your own unique personality? Choosing a bold or vibrant colour is a great way to express yourself and really let your bedroom come to life. Will you choose red to convey your determination and desire to live life to the fullest? Or maybe yellow to encourage positivity and keep yourself smiling every day. No matter which one you go with, bold colours are going to say a lot about you.

Play it Safe with Neutrals

Neutral colours may be the best choice if you’re looking for a relaxing paint colour that is calmer rather than bolder. You don’t always have to go bold and vibrant when choosing a colour for your bedroom, so feel free to kick things down a notch with a neutral colour. If you’re worried a neutral colour may be boring or bland, try throwing in some nice furniture pieces, linens, and wall art.

Add some Class with Pastels

Soft pastel colours such as pinks, soft blues and greens, and lavenders can look very elegant and grown up if done correctly. Your best bet is to combine any of these colours with bright accessories and dark wood furniture to avoid the room giving off a more childish vibe. Pastels will help you to feel relaxed and at peace in your bedroom; perfect for unwinding after a stressful workday.

Get better Sleep with the right Colours

You might be surprised to learn that the colour of your bedroom can actually have an effect on your sleep quality. Studies have found that blue rooms are the most effective at helping you to catch some z’s, with specific shades of yellow being the second most effective. Green and silver come in third and fourth place, and purple, brown, and gray finish last. If you’re a light sleeper, selecting one of the top sleep-inducing colours could be just what you need to help you sleep better.

Get an Expert Opinion with a Colour Consultant

If you’re at a complete loss as to which colour you should choose for your bedroom, talking to a colour consultant can be just what you need. Colour consultants have plenty of experience matching the right paint colours to the right rooms, and their trained eyes will no doubt help you to make a decision.

Following these tips is your first step in having your bedroom be a place of expression, personality, and tranquility. Your perfect bedroom paint colour is out there, so go find it!

Tips for Finding a Good Colour Pallet

color palette.jpg

Picking a good colour pallet that works can be a bit of a challenge if you’re a little rusty on the rules of colour combinations and design that the professionals follow. What’s the best choice for the particular room you’re working with? How can you best use colour to compliment your room’s furniture? Here are a few good tips you can use when looking for the perfect colour pallet for your next painting project.

Dark to light, bottom to top

Keeping darker colours closer to the floor and getting lighter as you go up is a great way to make a room look good. You can start with using darker colours on the floor such as dark carpets and baseboards, then move into medium colour values for the walls, and finally light colours for the ceiling. This style of colouring in a room is largely inspired by the earth, with the ground being dark, the trees and buildings being medium shades, and the sky being sunny and bright.

Consult the colour wheel

Usually, analogous colour schemes (colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, such as blue and green) are more relaxing and casual when they are combined. These combinations are usually best used in informal or private spaces such as a bedroom. Since the bedroom is the place you go to rest and recover, analogous colour schemes are a perfect choice in this regard.

Paint it black

Just like in clothing, black will never go out of style in the world of painting. Though you don’t have to think about painting an entire room black, it’s always a good idea to keep a little bit of black in each room. Maybe consider painting your kitchen cabinets black, or a nightstand in your bedroom. No matter what your decision, keeping a little black in each room will always look great.

Combine warm and cool

Contrasting warm and cool colours is not as difficult as you may think. Consider painting a room a cool grey and contrasting it with warmer, say honey-coloured accents to achieve a look that is both easy on the eyes and soothing for the soul.

Obey the rule of three

Always try to follow the rule of three and never use more than three different colours to make up your colour pallet. Using more than three colours can make a room look to busy and will give the appearance that its designer couldn’t make up his or her mind. You want your newly-designed room to breathe confidence and style, not have multiple personalities.

Consider your clothes

You may not think it, but looking at what colours you best like to wear is a great way to determine a colour pallet that will work for you. When you go shopping for clothes, you generally pick colours that you feel look good on you, so why not do the same when shopping for paint? Choosing a colour pallet that you associate with and feel good about is a wonderful way to make any room truly yours.

How Colour can Affect Mood

Ever wonder why fast food chains use red and orange colour schemes? Why do health spas love blue and green? It’s because colour really does affect our emotions! In fact, the right colour paint can make all the difference between a happy, fun-loving house and a tense, stressful environment. So, which colours should you choose to give a room the right kind of mood?

red room painting

All about Balance

Remember that too much of a good thing quickly becomes a bad thing. To use the psychology of colour effectively, balance desired hues with one another so one doesn’t overwhelm the other. Each colour has positive and negative aspects, factors that are important to take into account when choosing paint as well as accents

Social Colours

If you’re looking to spark some life into your living room or turn the dining room into the hottest dinner party in town, these colours are for you!

●     Red - The colour of passion and optimism. Perfect for sparking lively conversation and stimulating appetites. Too much red can become overwhelming and create anxiety. Good for rooms with a lot of social activity.

●     Orange - Stimulates social interaction and promotes reassuring feelings. Good colour for physical motivation. Can be seen as negative for those who associate orange with prisons. A good choice for rooms where you exercise.

Energetic Colours

Choose these hues for rooms where confidence and energy are important such as bathrooms, exercise rooms, or offices.

●     Yellow - The colour of energy and happiness. Creates excitement and boosts self-confidence. It’s important to choose the right shade of yellow, as strong yellow can be distressing.

●     Purple - Borrowing elements from blue and red, purple promotes both energetic activity and peace of mind. Dark purple is noted for making a room feel sophisticated and dramatic while lighter hues make rooms feel peaceful. Too much purple can make a room feel dark and depressing.

Comforting Colour

●     Blue - The colour of intelligence and serenity. Students are more likely to retain what they study and feel less test anxiety when surrounded by blue. Too much blue can make a room feel cold and deeper shades can make one feel depressed.

●     Green - Nature’s own favourite colour, green promotes tranquility and balance. Studies show this colour wards off nightmares. Too much green runs the risk of inciting feelings of envy or jealousy.

●     Pink - The sweet and calming colour of love. Studies show pink can soothe even the criminally aggressive. Too much pink can be seen as immature or unsophisticated.

Black, White, and Grey

These are versatile colours that stand out from the pack. Also known as neutrals, they can enhance the positive and subdue the negative elements in the other colours on this list when paired correctly.

●     Black - A strong and formal colour, black promotes feelings of power and independence. Often chosen as paint as an accent to create an elegant, sophisticated mood. In large amounts it can feel oppressive and depressing.

●     White - The colour of purity and innocence. White is often used to make spaces feel larger than they really are. Too much white can make a room seem empty or unexciting.

●     Grey - Combining elements of black and white, grey adds a flair of drama while retaining an open and airy atmosphere. Be careful to choose the right shade of grey to match the intended mood.

Summer 2017 Colour Trends

summer kitchen

Summer is fast approaching, and that means new trends are starting to make waves in terms of paint colours for your home. If you are going to be doing any painting this summer, you’re probably wondering what colour or colours to go with. Do you pick something bright and vibrant to reflect the pleasant weather the summer months bring with them? Do you go with one of the multiple shades of green that are currently winning the popularity contest? Or maybe you want to be more of a traditionalist and stick with one of this year’s mysterious earth colours or deep jewel tones. To help you decide, here are some of the biggest colour trends for summer 2017.

Bringing Summer Inside

The biggest and most popular colour trend you can expect this summer is the use of shades and hues that complement the warm, sunny weather of the summer months. Your home is likely to be flooded with sunlight over the course of the season, so you’ll want your choice of colour to play well with that. Fresh air, soft breezes, plentiful sunshine, blooming flowers; all of these things can be brought right into your home. Colours such as Florida pink and Persian velvet, will give any room in your home that blossoming summer feel that screams summer beauty, while bright yellows and greens such as lemon freeze and potpourri green work with the sunlight that makes its way into a room and will help turn the interior of your home into a beautiful, sun-filled space.

Going Green

One particular colour that is sure to make waves this summer season is green. What colour comes to mind when you hear the word “summer”? If you answered with the colour green, you’d be in the likely majority. Green conjures up images of sprawling summer fields, tall and leafy trees, and fresh summer salad and watermelon; it’s no surprise that shades of green are already making their mark in freshly painted home interiors as we edge closer to summer. Shades such as courtyard green and olive are giving rooms a vibrant summer feel while at the same time remaining perfectly traditional. Green and all its shades are also going to work wonders to accent your various pieces of furniture. Picture a room with olive green-coloured walls as the backdrop for a beautiful brown leather couch and dark-stained wooden coffee table. Not bad right?

Embracing Earth and Jewel Tones

In somewhat of a contrast to the bright, vibrant colours that help turn your interior into a sun-filled summer sanctuary, many people are choosing to stick to darker earthy colours and deep jewel shades this year. This trend will no doubt trickle right into the summer months, giving you even more options when choosing your summer colours this season. Colours such as charcoal gray, soft aqua, and artful magenta are here to stay this summer and can help make your interiors look great by providing opportunities for layering and helping to accent and showcase other colours in a room’s décor and furniture.

Now that you have an idea of what’s trending for summer 2017, you’re sure to have an easier and more enjoyable time selecting the perfect colours for your next painting project.